Going on vacation amid the coronavirus outbreak? Here’s what to know.

With March break around the corner, the risk of catching the new coronavirus is likely to cross the minds of many Canadian travellers.

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In African Forest, Research Project To Save Endangered Pangolin.

The prehistoric shape is hard to make out as it moves slowly through the gloomy forest, so trackers listen for the rustle of scales against the leaves to pick up its trail.

France Records 471 More Coronavirus Hospital Deaths In Single Day.

France today reported 471 more deaths in hospital from COVID-19, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country from the coronavirus epidemic to 4,503.

Potential COVID-19 vaccine leads to ‘surge of antibodies’ in mice.

The team said they hope to start testing the vaccine candidate on people in clinical trials in the next few months.

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Tuxedo-clad dad arranges fancy dinner party for kids during coronavirus isolation.

In the hilarious video, dad Ben Moore serves his son 'March 2020 vintage' milk.

Test, Protect, Inform: What HIV Can Teach Us About COVID-19.

From being a killer in the shadows, to having its own international day and UN programme, HIV's emergence into a global reality can offer many lessons in how to respond to COVID-19, the head of the...

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