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Borders creep open across central Europe as pandemic eases.

Serbia bars Montenegro Airlines after perceived snub over free movement

Cooperation between Ukraine, EU aimed at EU membership through implementation of association agreement until 2025 - national program under the auspices of Ukraine-NATO Commission.

ooperation between Ukraine and the EU is aimed at gaining membership in the European Union by implementing the Ukraine-EU association agreement until 2025, and achieving compliance with the criteria for EU membership is one of the strategic goals ...

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European Court Says Azerbaijan Wrong To Release Man Who Killed Armenian.

The European Court of Human Rights says Azerbaijan was wrong to release a man convicted of killing an Armenian national while the two were on a NATO training course in Hungary.

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Migrant (39) who failed to reach Europe dies in Libyan detention centre.

A growing list of refugees and migrants have died after being forced back to Libya

Sunny weekend with looser coronavirus rules draws Europeans outdoors.

Across the continent, a mishmash of travel restrictions appears to be on the horizon, often depending on where travellers live and what passports they carry.

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RFE/RL: NATO official says jets intercepted Russian aircraft in European airspace nearly 300 times in 2019.

In the Black Sea, in particular, there has been an uptick in Russian military activity since 2014.

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Boris Johnson ignores calls to fire advisor accused of breaking COVID-19 rules.

Calls were made to sack Johnson's senior adviser Dominic Cummings after he traveled 400 km to northern England while his wife showed COVID-19 symptoms.

NATO Official Says Jets Intercepted Russian Aircraft In European Airspace Nearly 300 Times In 2019.

NATO jets intercepted Russian planes flying close to NATO airspace nearly 300 times in 2019, an alliance official said, amid a continuing upward trend of Russian and NATO aircraft encounters.

Can green investments save the economy? The EU thinks so.

European Commission’s trillion-euro recovery plan will seek to address climate crisis at same time

Hungary to shut migrant ‘transit zone’ camps after EU court ruling.

Nationalist government in new row over ban on gender changes on ID documents

Bypassing Ukraine: EU delegation to UN to take part in conference with occupied Crimea authorities.

Russian envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya will deliver opening and closing statements, while Crimea representatives are expected to show their presentations.

Europe Coronavirus Death Count Crosses 1,70,000-Mark: Report.

Europe's coronavirus death count passed 1, 70,000 on Thursday, with the a huge share of deaths recorded in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain, according to an AFP tally at 1230 GMT Thursday.

Plans to use coronavirus contact-tracing apps in parts of Europe facing setbacks.

In contrast, there appeared to be some movement forward in the sprint to find a vaccine against COVID-19, bolstered by a $1 billion investment from the U.S. vaccine agency.

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EU Court dismisses Nord Stream 2 claims against European gas directive.

The actions brought against Directive 2019/692, which extends certain rules of the EU internal market in natural gas to pipelines from third countries, are inadmissible, the court ruled.

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National mythologising has impeded coronavirus response in Europe.

Imagined tales of the exotic have blinded rational responses to the virus

Imagined tales of exotic Europe blind rational responses to coronavirus.

Myths about national character have pervaded discourse about Covid-19 pandemic policies

European Commission unveils plans to halve pesticides in farming.

Reducing use of fertiliser and antibiotics also on agenda in bid to safeguard environment

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Parliament ratifies Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents.

The Verkhovna Rada has ratified the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents.


Eleven EU states agree on rules for tourism reopening – media.

The agreement was announced following a video conference between the foreign ministers of Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

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«Time For Solidarity» : European Union Backs WHO After Trump Threat.

The European Union (EU) backed the World Health Organisation and multilateral efforts to fight the coronavirus on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump threatened to quit the global agency.

Coronavirus: As U.S., Europe reopen some nations see COVID-19 cases rise

American car makers are getting back to work and Europe is continuing to reopen. But while new coronavirus cases have been declining in many countries that were initially hit hard by the pandemic, cases are rapidly rising in other populous nations.

U.K. announces new post-Brexit tariff regime that cuts billions to import levies

Under the new regime, 60% of trade will come into the UK tariff free on WTO terms or through existing preferential access from January 2021, the government said.

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U.K. announces new post-Brexit tariff regime that cuts billions to import levies

Under the new regime, 60% of trade will come into the UK tariff free on WTO terms or through existing preferential access from January 2021, the government said.

‘This whole corridor is dead’: Europe’s coronavirus care home disaster.

Wherever the virus spread uncontrolled, elderly care homes were left unprotected

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France and Germany propose €500bn EU rescue plan

Macron and Merkel announce burden-sharing initiative to help countries hit by Covid-19

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