US Slaps Sanctions On Hong Kong Leader In New Offensive On China.

The United States slapped sanctions Friday on Hong Kong's leader after effectively forcing Chinese internet giants TikTok and WeChat to end all US operations in a twin diplomatic-commercial offensive...

Portland protesters take to the streets, clash with police for 3rd consecutive night.

The demonstration with unrest came hours after the city's Democratic mayor pleaded for protesters to stay off the streets

Trump Says Will Join Beirut Donor Conference Call Sunday.

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would take part in an international conference call for donors organizing aid for Lebanon after the giant explosion in Beirut.

Trump’s tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum: A timeline of key events since 2017.

The United States is once again imposing tariffs on some imported Canadian aluminum products and Canada is gearing up to retaliate with reciprocal tariffs.

How the tariff battle between Canada and the United States will impact Canadians.

The U.S. reimposing tariffs on some Canadian aluminum exports and Canada intends to put a reciprocal surtax on aluminum and aluminum-containing products from across the border.

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Cambodia Bill to ban women wearing short skirts sparks outcry.

Attitudes still shaped by legacy code of conduct that dictates women must be submissive and patient

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Kolomoisky responds to U.S. Justice Department's accusations

He categorically rejected all other accusations of the U.S. Justice Department.


UK police face fresh calls to investigative Cummings’s travel during lockdown.

Two people who claim to have seen PM’s adviser on April 19th accuse force of not fully investigating claims

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UK police face fresh calls to investigative Cummings’s lockdown trip to Durham.

Two people who claim to have seen PM’s adviser on April 19th accuse force of not fully investigating claims

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US Schools Reopen For In-Person Classes In Coronavirus Hotspots.

Undeterred by the coronavirus, schools in several US states have reopened for in-person classes -- but some have already been hit by large quarantines of students and staff following fresh outbreaks.

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China Wants «Unpredictable» Trump To Lose 2020 Election: US Intelligence.

China has boosted its efforts to influence the US presidential election in November and wants President Donald Trump to lose because it sees him as "unpredictable," a top US intelligence official said...

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Ukraine's Health Minister: Kharkiv included in red zone as a result of 'clerical error'.

The information was not final.

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Russia using measures to discredit Joe Biden ahead of U.

U.S. officials also believe that China does not want Trump to win a second term and that Beijing has accelerated its criticism of the president and its efforts to shape American opinion and public policy.

Beirut explosion: Lebanese Montrealers call for change at protest outside consulate.

'Today we're here, we have a lot of pain, we have a lot of sorrow but we have even much more anger.'

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Ukrainian PM announces readiness to supply water to Crimea «in case of humanitarian disaster» .

He says the water will not be supplied to "the occupation forces, to meet military bases' needs."

Chinese WeChat Users Fear Being Cut Off From US Friends.

A US ban on the WeChat messaging platform could cut lines of communication between friends in China and America and force people to switch to a replacement, social media users said on Friday.

Authorities urge mask wearing as coronavirus on the rebound in Europe.

Italian governor warns of travel risks as virus makes inroads into places that had escaped worst

Reuters: U.S. imposes sanctions on Hong Kong's Lam, other officials over crackdown

REUTERSThe United States on Friday imposed sanctions on Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, the territory’s current and former police chiefs and eight other top officials for what Washington...

Iran Mocks Resignation Of U.S. Envoy, Appointment Of His Replacement

Iran has ridiculed the resignation of the U.S. government's point man on Iran policy under President Donald Trump, accusing the White House of "biting off more than they can chew." 

Kenya begins corruption investigation into profiting off Covid-19.

Anti-corruption campaigners in Africa say tenders given out in crisis have less oversight

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U.S. sanctions Hong Kong officials, including government leader Carrie Lam

The U.S. on Friday accused the pro-China leader of the government and other Hong Kong officials of roles in squashing freedom in the former British colony.

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US imposes sanctions on Hong Kong leader Lam and 10 officials.

US says move is response to crackdown on free speech and political freedoms in the city

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US places sanctions on Hong Kong leader Lam and 10 senior officials.

US treasury department says measures are in response to crackdown on free speech and political freedoms in the city


Opposition gathers pace as Belarusian leader warns of ‘dirty tricks’ in election.

Lukashenko says foreign powers conducting a ‘hybrid war’ to destabilise the country

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Ukrainian journalists reportedly detained in Minsk, their phones turned off – media.

Two of the detainees are citizens of Ukraine.

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