Interior Minister Avakov on Brovary shootout incident: 28 people detained.

The shootout was the result of a feud on the market of passenger transportation services between Kyiv and the suburban town.

US To Start Eliminating Special Treatment For Hong Kong, Says Trump.

President Donald Trump said Friday that the United States will restrict Chinese students and start reversing Hong Kong's special status in customs and other areas, as Beijing imposes a controversial...

U.S., Britain anger China at UN meeting after raising concerns on Hong Kong

China and Russia retaliated by criticizing the Unites States for excessive use of force against Black people.

Alberta outfitters decimated by COVID-19 restrictions, cost tourism industry billions.

Tourism around the world has been hit hard by COVID-19 and Alberta is no exception. However, certain segments of the industry, like outfitters, who which rely on international visitors, are struggling even more.

IMF's Stand-By Arrangement with Ukraine to be approved soon – phone talk with Zelensky.

The transition to the stand-by program greatly facilitates the allocation of financial support during the pandemic.

‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts:’ Where the phrase used by Trump comes from.

Multiple U.S. media reports have pointed out that the phrase was used by Miami Police Chief Walter Headley in 1967.

Coronavirus: Trump terminates relationship with World Health Organization.

He claims "China has total control over the World Health Organization."

The New Reality: What can Canada learn from Denmark’s return to class?.

Denmark was the first country to reopen classrooms in Europe. Canadian parents are questioning whether we can learn from this model so no child is left behind academically.

Trump Says US «Terminating» Relationship With World Health Organisation.

President Donald Trump said Friday he was breaking off US ties with the World Health Organization, which he says failed to do enough to combat the initial spread of the novel coronavirus.

Latest killing shines harsh light on the nature of American race relations.

Fury in Minneapolis following death of black suspect while being detained by police

Sunak scales back furlough scheme as Covid-19 death toll reaches 38,161.

British chancellor announces lower wage supports and plans to stem unemployment

Two heavy bombers of U.S. Air Force fly over Ukraine in integration with Ukrainian fighter jets

The flight also included integration and interoperability training with Polish F-16s and MiG-29s and Romanian F-16s and MiG-21s.

Hamstrung EU expresses concern over Hong Kong and China.

EU stops short of action as Beijing tightens power grip over city to US condemnation

George Floyd: Scenes from protests in Minneapolis and around the U.

The fury over the death of an unarmed Black man in Minneapolis has thrust the city and other American cities into a state of upheaval and anger.

Dozens Held In Moscow, St. Petersburg For Protesting Journalist's Arrest

Police in Moscow detained 32 people, including a State Duma member, several municipal lawmakers, and journalists who came out to protest against the jailing of prominent Russian journalist Ilya Azar, an independent political watchdog says.

Ukraine, Hungary Seek To Overcome Impasse Over Language Law Impeding NATO Initiatives.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto have discussed Kyiv-Budapest bilateral ties at a time Hungary is blocking NATO initiatives because of a restrictive language law in Ukraine. 

Derek Chauvin charged with murder in connection with death of George Floyd.

US officer fired by Minneapolis police after Floyd died while being restrained

US police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd arrested.

Derek Chauvin fired by Minneapolis police after Floyd died while being restrained

Ukraine to launch interest rate swap on interbank market.

The introduction of this tool is expected to facilitate credit programs for businesses and households.

US Cop Arrested Over Death Of Black Man That Caused Widespread Protests.

The policeman accused of killing unarmed African American George Lloyd in the US city of Minneapolis has been taken into custody, a state official announced Friday.

The one they gave away: Fishermen donate huge tuna to health-care workers.

The 220-pound tuna was immediately donated to a local hospital in Hawaii.

«Racism Can't be Normal In US» : Obama On Killing Of Black Man By Police.

Former president Barack Obama said Friday he shared the "anguish" of millions of Americans over the death of a black man killed by police in Minnesota and that racism cannot be "normal" in the United...

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U.S.-Funded Health Website 'Spreading Misinformation' About Coronavirus

The U.S. government is funding a health website in Armenia that has published misinformation about COVID-19, according to the British investigative online publication openDemocracy. 

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Greece to follow Croatia and Montenegro in opening borders for tourists.

Holiday destinations start competing for travellers willing to defy Covid-19

Minnesota governor says he expects ‘swift’ justice in George Floyd case.

Governor Walz promised a reckoning with the racial inequities behind the unrest, but said that first the state's National Guard would work to restore order following three nights of chaos.

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