Whereabouts of Ukrainian political prisoner Halyna Dovhopola remain unknown since early February.

Russian law enforcers detained the woman in the occupied Crimea in November 2019; prosecutors charged her with the "state treason"

FBI official warns Russia «wants to watch us tear ourselves apart» – media.

The comment comes amid intel briefing controversy.

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FBI official warns Russia «wants to watch us tear ourselves apart» .

The comment comes amid intel briefing controversy.

In Ukraine, cyberpolice operative demanded bribe in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin will do, the cop initially told his victim before agreeing for a more traditional money transfer to the accomplice's  banking card.

Finance ministry borrows UAH 1.6 bln in domestic market

No bonds have been placed, denominated in foreign currency.

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Six more Ukrainians seek evacuation from China

Among them is Anastasia Zinchenko, who was denied boarding during a previous evacuation attempt over the lack of veterinary papers for her pet dog.

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Ukrainian hospitalized after returning from Italy, medics suspect coronavirus.

The woman turned for medical assistance upon the arrival from Bergamo to Chernivtsi, western Ukraine; the doctors decided to isolate her, as she could have contacted the infected people in Italy

Ukraine's security officials say Russian military invasion of Belarus can't be ruled out.

The NSDC secretary believes such threat is "quite powerful".

Who is D-student by IMF standards: Poland or Ukraine?.

It turns out that Ukraine, is a more diligent country by the standards of the IMF, but unfortunately, this did not manifest itself in its development

Ukraine exports half of honey produced in 2019

Annual honey consumption in Ukraine is 1-1.1 kilograms per capita on average.

Chief prosecutor says official identified complicit in disappearance of two volumes of case file into Maidan crimes.

A criminal investigation is underway after substantial evidence has gone missing in one of the criminal proceedings into the crimes committed against protesters during the Revolution of Dignity.

Spanish media report first case of infection with Covid-19.

36-year-old Italian lady traveled to Milan and Bergamo before feeling sick; currently, she has typical symptoms of influenza

How auctions of virginity in Ukraine work: Prices, customers and legality.

The Hollywood 'Indecent Proposal’ movie, in which a millionaire offers someone else's respectable wife a seven-figure sum per night, led some especially enterprising girls to think about selling ... virginity

Biotech company says coronavirus vaccine ready for initial tests.

Moderna is not the only drug company hoping to find a preventative treatment for the virus.

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Russia steps up efforts to dominate Arctic region

The most recent steps in the High North point to Russia’s determination to elaborate a strategy that, at present, is more virtual than real


Zelensky names condition for shutting unprofitable coal mines.

The president emphasized that not a single mine can be closed until miners get new jobs with decent pay.

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Police detain four suspected organizers of Novi Sanzhary protests.

Earlier, provocateurs launched a rally near Novi Sanzhary sanitarium in Poltava region; it hosted the Ukrainian citizens evacuated from China earlier this month

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Diplomat from Russian mission to WTO oversaw secret hit squad – media.

President Vladimir Putin, who previously headed Russia's main intelligence agency, has made the country's military and spy agencies a priority during his tenure in office.

Not all regions of Ukraine may check person for infection with Covid-19. Ministry.

The Healthcare Ministry will hold the redistribution of equipment and provide consumables soon


Ukraine's Eurovision 2020 entry to be performed fully in Ukrainian, first time ever.

Go_A say their win in national selection is also a win for Ukrainian culture as a whole.

Ukraine's Eurovision 2020 entry to be performed fully in Ukrainian, first time ever.

Go_A band say their win in national selection is also a win for Ukrainian culture as a whole.

Russia releases Ukrainian fishermen, captured in Azov Sea.

The Ukrainian will return home at own vessel

Russia develops prototype of hypersonic missile for Su-57 stealth fighter.

The cutting-edge aircraft may be armed with the air-to-ground kind of projectile, Russian Defense Ministry says

NSDC has lists of all Ukrainians who received Russian passports in Donbas - Danilov.

The Russian Federation has issued about 156,000 Russian passports in the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) has lists of all Ukrainian citizens who received these...

Woman who returned from Italy, hospitalized in Chernivtsi.

In Chernivtsi, a woman who recently returned from Italy was hospitalized in the infectious ward of the regional hospital. She is checked for possible infection with coronavirus.


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