Storm Isaias May Regain Hurricane Strength Before Hitting US East Coast.

Tropical Storm Isaias was set to regain hurricane strength Monday before slamming into the US eastern seaboard, bringing life-threatening storm surges to North and South Carolina.

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Biden attacks Trump over ‘bald-faced lies’ about voting by mail.

Democratic candidate says US president is trying to distract from pandemic failures

Nobel Prize winner Murad, Amal Clooney accuse UN, government leaders of failing Yazidis.

Murad, whose mother and six brothers were killed by Islamic State fighters, told a U.N. commemoration of the Aug. 3, 2014 massacre in Iraq's Sinjar region that the Yazidis feel "abandoned" by the international community.

Glaciers Could Have Sculpted Mars Valleys: Study

The question of whether ancient life could have existed on Mars centres on the water that once flowed there, but new research published Monday suggests that many of the Red Planet's valleys were...

Welcome News That Foreign Universities May Set Up Campuses In India: US.

The United States on Monday said it welcomes India's new policy which allows foreign universities to establish campuses in India and Indian universities to do the same overseas.

Early Mars was covered in ice rather than warm, free-flowing rivers, new study shows.

The study's findings also provide an answer to a key question of how the planet's valleys formed 3.8 billion years ago, despite the sun being weaker and Mars being at a greater distance from the sun than Earth.

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Israeli Jets Strike Syrian Military Targets After Golan Heights Attack.

Israeli fighter jets, attack helicopters and other warplanes late Monday struck Syrian military targets in southern Syria, a day after thwarting an attack in the Golan Heights, the Israeli army said.

Democrat-led House calls new U.S. postal chief to explain country-wide mail delays

The plan imposed by Louis DeJoy, a Republican fundraiser who took over the top job at the Postal Service in June, eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands of postal workers and orders that mail be kept until the next day if postal distributio...

Trump threatens Tik Tok ban unless U.S. gets ‘substantial portion’ of operations sales price

The turnaround came after Trump Friday he said he was planning to ban the Chinese-owned video app's U.S. operations as soon as Saturday after dismissing a possible sale to Microsoft.

Thais «Cast A Spell» For Democracy In Harry Potter-Theme Protest.

Dozens of mostly young Thais wearing striped "Harry Potter" scarves rallied Monday against the government, vowing to "cast a spell" for democracy as the nascent movement grows increasingly bold in...

Ukrainian customs agency fulfills July plans

Last month's figure was 17% up on the figure registered in the previous month.


Pace of grain exports from Ukraine slower than last year.

Ukraine exported 2.52 million tonnes of grain from July 1 to August 3, 2020.


Russia Aims To Produce «Millions» Of Vaccine Doses By 2021.

Russia said Monday it aims to launch mass production of a coronavirus vaccine next month and turn out "several million" doses per month by next year.

Spain's Ex-King Heads For Exile Amid Graft Probe

Spain's former king Juan Carlos, who is facing investigation at home and abroad for corruption, announced Monday that he will go into exile.

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‘Protracted criminal conduct’: Prosecutor seeks Trump’s taxes, cites probe of business.

Trump’s lawyers last month said the grand jury subpoena for the tax returns was issued in bad faith and amounted to harassment of the president.

Fiat Chrysler spent millions to bribe UAW leaders, General Motors alleges.

General Motors is asking a federal judge to reconsider his dismissal of a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler based on new allegations that FCA bribed union and GM officials with millions stashed in secret foreign bank accounts.

Ukraine's Security and Defense Council on Donbas truce: «Seventh day without heavy weapons» .

There had been up to 16-18 attacks per day before the recent ceasefire.

More than 40 test positive for Covid-19 on Norwegian cruise ship.

Norway stops all such vessels with more than 100 on board coming ashore after outbreak

Climate change: Building smallholder resilience in sub-Saharan Africa.

Small farms inhabit some of the most at-risk landscapes, including hillsides, deserts and floodplains

Seventeen seasonal workers from Ukraine violate self-isolation rules in Estonia – minister.

They are facing a fine or deportation; criminal cases may be opened against them.

Former Spanish king to go into exile over financial allegations.

Juan Carlos had abdicated in favour of his son Felipe six years ago following scandals

Envoy To India Philip Barton Promoted As UK Foreign Office Minister.

British High Commissioner to India Sir Philip Barton has been promoted as a minister in the newly formed Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Pressure mounts on Poland and Hungary over eroded rule of law.

Call for EU to stall aid due to media curtailment, court interference and LGBT rights

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TikTok «Out Of Business» In US If Not Sold By Mid-September: Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump said Monday that Chinese-owned hugely popular video-sharing app TikTok will be "out of business" in the United States if not sold to a US firm by September 15.

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AfD senior figure warns of looming party split

Heated dispute erupts over Andreas Kalbitz expulsion for membership non-disclosure

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