Elon Musk Invites Family Of Famed Soviet Rocket Scientist To Tour SpaceX.

Elon Musk, the American entrepreneur and founder of aerospace company SpaceX, has invited the family of famed Soviet rocket scientist Sergei Korolev to visit his operations in the United States. 

Dead cat gets U.S. voter registration application in the mail

If you're wondering how Cody would have voted if he could go to the polls. His owner said he was a DemoCAT.

Number of COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide exceeds 12.

The overall death toll is 560,460 people, while 6,890,914 coronavirus patients have already recovered.

Hong Kong opposition kicks off primary elections under shadow of security law.

The primaries come less than two weeks after Beijing imposed sweeping national security legislation on the Asian financial hub, stoking concerns that wide-ranging freedoms not seen in mainland China will be crushed.

Trump trails Biden on hiring people of colour in senior roles, breakdown shows.

Twenty-five per cent of Trump's senior staff are nonwhite, compared to 36 per cent of Biden's senior staff.

U.S. sees spike in COVID-19 deaths, as experts predicted

The number of deaths per day from the virus had been falling for months, and even remained down as states like Florida and Texas saw explosions in cases and hospitalizations


Wounds still fresh for Bosnian-Canadians 25 years after the Srebrenica massacre.

The war began in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. It wasn’t until the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 that UN airstrikes and sanctions helped end the conflict.

Ukraine reports 12 new COVID-19 cases in armed forces as of July 11.

Some 519 servicemen are now isolated (including self-isolation).

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Nepal: At least 40 people killed in floods and landslides.

Thousands displaced after heavy rains trigger flash flooding


Coronavirus drug approved for use in India on patients with moderate to severe symptoms.

Clinical studies involving the drug are being closely watched as nations look for treatments for the disease that has infected over 820,000 people and killed over 22,000 in India.

US Warns Citizens Of High Detention Risk In China Without Consular Access.

The US State Department warned American citizens on Saturday to "exercise increased caution" in China due to heightened risk of arbitrary law enforcement including detention and a ban from exiting the...

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Ukrainian Tycoon Kolomoyskiy Bidding For More Media Assets.

A company controlled by Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskiy is bidding to manage the assets of a local media company, potentially giving the tycoon greater influence over the nation’s news content. 

Iran's Rohani Calls For Temporary Ban On Weddings, Funerals As Coronavirus Cases Rise.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani called for large public gatherings such as weddings and funerals to be temporarily banned to slow a rise in coronavirus infections, but he shied away from recommending another round of curbs on economic activity.


IKEA to open first store in Ukraine by late 2020

On May 14, 2020, IKEA launched online sales of its products in Ukraine.

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Dozens of U.S. marines diagnosed with coronavirus while stationed in southern Japan

The outbreaks occurred at Marine Corps. Air Station Futenma, which is at the centre of a relocation dispute, and Camp Hansen, Okinawan officials said.

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Reality check: A look at Trump’s claims on coronavirus, the U.

A look at how rhetoric from the past week compares with the facts on various fronts.

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Covid-19: Cases rise in US, India as Australian spike leads to localised lockdown.

Victoria enters six-week lockdown, while Johnson hints masks to be mandatory


15-year-old surfer killed by shark in Australia: police.

Several surfers came to the aid of the boy and helped him to shore for medical attention. Despite CPR efforts to revive him, he died at the scene.

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Malala Fund To Compile Anthology On Girls Who Fought Oppression.

A book will document the journeys of 25 exceptionally brave girls who fought oppression and defied regressive social norms for their right to education, the publishers announced ahead of Malala Day.

Kyiv, Lviv airports to be equipped with labs for PCR-testing of passengers arriving – Infrastructure minister.

Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Krykliy has reported that he is dealing with speeding up of the process of setting up the laboratories in the airports of Kyiv and Lviv for the passengers, who arriving there could pass PCR-tests, and if the resul...

China May Sue Researcher Over Report On Forced Sterilisation Of Uighurs.

After several reports of the Chinese government torturing its ethnic minority community surfaced, the authorities are now considering to sue the researchers and think tanks who are behind these...

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COVID-19 statistics proves authorities were doing everything right, and Ukrainians listened to recommendations – Zelensky.

For the second day in a row, the number of Ukrainians who recovered from coronavirus infection significantly exceeds the number of those who fell ill, noted the participants of a traditional meeting with the representatives of the government and l...

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Bosnia marks 25 years since the Srebrenica massacre.

Coveney says 1995 genocide was ‘one of the worst atrocities to take place on European soil’

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Nepal Landslides Kill 15 More People, Death Count Rises To 37.

Fifteen people were killed in a landslide caused by incessant rains in western Nepal on Saturday, taking the total number of fatalities due to the landslips in the last 48 hours in the country to 37,...

EU Delegation to Ukraine urges Verkhovna Rada to adopt bill on media in first reading during current parliamentary session.

The EU Delegation to Ukraine has urged Verkhovna Rada to adopt a bill on media in the first reading during the current parliamentary session that will provide more time for discussion and revision it by all of the interested parties.

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