Kyrgyz Investigators Criticized After Alleging That Murdered Source Paid RFE/RL Reporters In Money-Laundering Probe.

Two lawmakers and a prominent legal expert in Kyrgyzstan have criticized the state security service after they claimed that reporters with RFE/RL received money from a self-proclaimed money launderer who served as the journalists' source in an inv...

No time to go soft on Putin – The American Interest.

Putin continues his aggression against Ukraine and refuses to comply with any obligations under the 2015 Minsk Agreement calling on Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine's Donbas territory.

Hundreds march through Calgary streets in anti-police violence, anti-racism rally.

Wednesday's rally started in the Kensington neighbourhood at 2 p.m. and saw protesters march through downtown.

Zelensky says smugglers ready to «rock» Ukraine for another two to three years.

Authorities must "break their spine", Zelensky believes.

All four police officers involved in death of George Floyd will face prosecution.

Derek Chauvin who pressed his knee on neck of Mr Floyd now also faces charge of second-degree murder

"Magnets”: Zelensky announces projects for tourism development.

They could be interesting to potential investors, President suggests.

"Magnets of attraction”: Zelensky announces projects for tourism development.

They could be interesting to potential investors, President suggests.

Little evidence of a ‘guiding hand’ behind US protests.

Analysis: Despite Trump pointing to groups like Antifa, vast majority of those protesting in recent days are just ordinary citizens

George Floyd death: Derek Chauvin charges upped, all 4 officers are now facing charges.

George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, died after pleading for his life as a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest.

Ukraine International Airlines resuming flights between Kyiv and Odesa as quarantine eases.

At stage 1, the carrier will only perform two round flights.

Madeleine McCann case: Police identify German prisoner as suspect.

British and German police issue appeal amid ‘significant development’

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Johnson stands by 14-day quarantine plan as MPs warn of economic impact.

Visitors from Ireland to be largely exempt from measures taking effect from Monday

Recovery From COVID-19 Crisis «Reset Moment» For World: Prince Charles.

Britain's Prince Charles said the recovery from the coronavirus crisis represented a "reset moment" for the world and was an opportunity to prioritise sustainability issues, as he made the opening...

Lukashenko sacks Belarus government

Earlier, Lukashenko held a meeting to discuss nominations for government posts.

«Racist Violence Has No Place In Our Society» : Boris Johnson Tells Trump.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Donald Trump on Wednesday that racist violence has no place in society, saying he was "sickened and appalled" by the death of George Floyd during an arrest.

No yelling, wear a mask: How George Floyd protests can be safe amid COVID-19.

As the George Floyd protests continue, health experts share advice on how to stay safe while demonstrating amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Striking parallels between police violence and unrest in France and the US.

Similarities between Adama Traoré’s fate and that of George Floyd in USA not lost on demonstrators in Paris

Cabinet wants to allow revoking drivers' licenses for multiple violations of speed limit.

Violators will be obliged to once again pass the exam to get their license back.

BREAKING: Lukashenka Dismisses Belarusian Government Ahead Of Presidential Vote.

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has dismissed his government, state media report, two months before a presidential election.

Snapchat Stops Boosting Trump Posts, Says He Incites «Racial Violence» .

Snapchat on Wednesday stopped promoting posts by US President Donald Trump, saying they incite racial violence.

Trump's Daughter Tiffany Protests Black Man's Killing On Social Media.

US President Donald Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany has extended her support to the massive protests in the United States against the killing of an African-American man in police custody.

Daredevil activists go for pro-Ukrainian stunt in occupied Donbas.

Leaflets with pro-Ukrainian slogans were posted across towns in the occupied areas.

Daredevil activists go for pro-Ukrainian stunt in Donbas.

Leaflets with pro-Ukrainian slogans were posted across towns in the occupied areas.

Germany To Lift Travel Warning For Europe From June 15.

Germany will lift its blanket travel warning for European nations from June 15, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Wednesday, as the continent looks to further ease restrictions imposed to contain the...

Europe continues cautious reopening as Covid-19 inquiries loom.

Sweden and Denmark to open inquiries into coronavirus lockdown strategies

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