My Father's Relationship With PM Modi «Incredible» : Donald Trump's Son.

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My Father's Relationship With PM Modi 'Incredible': Donald Trump's Son

Donald Trump Jr said the reception his father received during visit to India was "overwhelming".(File)

New York:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump have an "incredible" relationship, said the US President's son Donald Trump Jr, adding that the two leaders understand that India and America are together in a "big fight against socialism and communism" spreading all over the world.

Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of an event in Long Island, New York on Sunday, Trump Jr. reminisced Donald Trump's February visit to India, saying the reception his father received in India was "absolutely overwhelming".

Trump Jr is leading the re-election campaign for his father. The presidential elections in the US are scheduled to be held on November 3.

"I think the relationship of my father President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is incredible. You know to what I saw the reception that my father received in India, a few months ago it was absolutely overwhelming," he said.

"And I think they understand that two democracies like that are together in a big fight against socialism and communism spreading all over the world so it''s been an honour to watch it. I love that they have a great relationship and a powerful relationship that will benefit both of our countries going into the future," he added.

Trump Jr was taking part in an event celebrating the success of his book "Liberal Privilege". The event was organised exclusively for the Indian American community in New York on Sunday evening.

In his book "Liberal Privilege", he has documented allegations of corruption against 77-year-old Joe Biden''s family, particularly against his son Hunter Biden.


Al Mason, a friend and supporter of the Trump family, also the co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee had organised the event. Prominent Indian American community members like Dr Raj Biyani and Dr Shoba Shalani Chokkalingam were also present at the event.

When asked how his book will resonate amongst the Indian American community particularly, Trump Jr said that Indian Americans understand hard work but they also understand hypocrisy.

"Indian Americans understand hard work but they also understand hypocrisy. They see what''s going on in America, while people have turned a blind eye to violence to looting, to the destruction of businesses and their families and the schooling for our children," he said.

"And they have done that under Democrat watch. I think it points all the things and the corruption that plagued India for many years, and that''s going on with the Biden family. And so, that person could be the next President of the US, I think that hypocrisy will resonate. I think people will understand what we''re truly fighting for this election," he added.

Speaking at the event, Trump Jr said that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is not good for India as he could be soft on China,

"We have to understand the threat of China and no one knows that probably better than Indian-Americans," said Trump Jr.

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