TV presenter sends Twitter into meltdown after asking which chocolate they would ban.

A TV presenter has sparked a heated debate on Twitter after asking chocolate lovers to pick which classic treat they’d get rid of forever if they could.

Liz Dueweke, an American news anchor for Q13 FOX News in Seattle, tweeted a picture of six chocolate bars and asked her followers which one they like least.

 Liz Dueweke asked her Twitter followers to choose between these classic chocolates

Liz Dueweke asked her Twitter followers to choose between these classic chocolatesCredit: Liz Dueweke / Twitter

She posted a picture of Snickers, Milky Way, KitKat, Twix, M&M’s and Reese’s, all of which are available in the UK and US.

Liz said: "One has to go. Forever. Which one do you choose?"

Her tweet has so far received more than 18,000 replies but the answer to her question was far from straight forward for chocoholics.

"Milky Way" was soon the top trending topic in the UK as Twitter users with sweet teeth couldn't agree over which is their least favourable.

 Milky Way was trending on Twitter after the tweet went on

Milky Way was trending on Twitter after the tweet went onCredit: Twitter

 Kit Kat lovers and haters had a lot to say

Kit Kat lovers and haters had a lot to say

 Do you agree or would you defend the Twix?

Do you agree or would you defend the Twix?Credit: Twitter

One said: "Milky Way takes this. Not even close."

While another added: "Kit Kat it's boring."

Someone else posted: "You simply cannot get Twix out of your teeth without assistance. It must go."

Which would you choose if you had to pick?

We've reached out to Liz for comment but we've yet to hear back.

The Sun has previously rounded up our favourite chocolate bars that you might remember from your childhood.

You might also remember these retro chocolate snacks.

Snickers' fans recently received a blast from the past as the chocolate bars changed their name back to Marathon after almost 30 years.



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