Clever AI Alexa-style gadget will let you talk to the DEAD.

A US tech firm claims it is close to unveiling an Alexa-style gadget which will allow people to talk to the DEAD.

It will use voice recordings made before clients die to create 'dead bots' - accessed via phones or smart speakers - which can speak from beyond the grave.

 The 'dead bot' device will allow people to speak to loved ones that have died

The 'dead bot' device will allow people to speak to loved ones that have diedCredit: Alamy

Several hundred people are already said to joined Here After’s waiting list, and its founders are already interviewing them about their lives.

The chats will then be edited, categorised and divided under various sections such as 'love', 'death' and 'finance'.

For example someone could ask: “Mum, tell me about your wedding day” and their late mother’s voice will then relay her pre-recorded memories.

James Vlahos, co-founder of Here After, told The Times: “Recording dozens of hours of my dad talking and telling his life story means it is just a giant audio file, and it becomes effectively inaccessible because nobody is sitting down to listen to that.

"So this is using the power of conversational artificial intelligence to be able to just grab a story, a reminiscence, a joke, a song.”

Vlahos, a journalist based in Northern California, wrote an article in Wired magazine, about how he had designed a 'dadbot'.

It was based on the multiple recordings of his dad speaking about his life while he was dying of cancer.

After the article was published, several people asked if he could develop something similar for their families.



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Users will pay upfront to receive all of the recordings in bulk form, but can also pay a monthly subscription to use the AI conversational tool.

Ramesh Khanna, 78, who was born in Bombay and lives in Missouri, is keen for his memories to be preserved for his two-year-old grandson who lives in Texas.

He said: “It will be fantastic if he can learn from my experience using my voice. That will have a special meaning.”

 The software will use voice recordings made before clients die which can be accessed through smart speakers

The software will use voice recordings made before clients die which can be accessed through smart speakersCredit: Alamy

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