Biker threw explosive device at car’s roof in Kyiv

The terrorist act took place in Zhytomyr highway, Kyiv: a biker threw the explosive device on the roof of the car. People suffered due to this incident as reported.

Later Kyiv police confirmed the incident.

“In the result of the explosion, the driver died; two passengers sustained injuries,” the police reported.

According to, it was the attempted assassination of director of drug company Ihor Salo. His Mercedes-Benz S600 was blown up.

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As a result of the explosion, Ihor Salo and his driver were seriously wounded. The border guard of the entrepreneur died.

The blast wave hit 5 cars, which were stopped waiting for the traffic light.

The Emergency Service, medical units, police worked at the site. Amber alert was issued.

The police search for the sport motorcycle, possible black BMW. The box is installed at the back of the vehicle. Driver is a person in black clothes and a black helmet.

Earlier there was a shooting in Kharkiv, near the Vostorg supermarket located on Klochkivska Street. As a result of the incident, one person was killed, another one was injured, a "Siren" plan was imposed in the city.

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