No casualties among Ukrainian forces in Donbas over day.


At the beginning of the current day in the Donbas, militants twice violated the ceasefire, using 120 mm mortars, as well as grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns. The press service of the Ministry of Defense reports.

It is noted that all attacks were recorded in the Luhansk area.

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Near Novotoshkovske militants fired from grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns; not far from the village of Orekhove occupants fired from a 120 mm caliber mortar and an easel anti-tank grenade launcher.

No casualties among Ukrainian forces in Donbas over day

As we reported before, During the talks of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, the Ukrainian side once again raised the issue of the "nationalized" enterprises.

"The Ukrainian side pursues raising the problem of returning state and private property in the territory of the isolated districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. A list of enterprises whose owners have applied to the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine regarding the loss of their property has been transferred," reads the message.

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It is also reported that the subgroup on socio-economic issues discussed the issues of water supply in the occupied Donbas involving the Red Cross.

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