Ukrzaliznytsia cancels fixed guarantee fee of $ 300,000 for transit rail traffic.


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Ukrzaliznytsia has made changes to the agreement on organization of transit cargo transportation by rail in Ukraine in terms of canceling the customer's obligation to ensure the payment of the first installment as payment for future transportation in the amount of $ 300,000.

According to a statement on the website of the Ukrzaliznytsia branch Transport Logistics Center, such a decision was made in order to ensure maximum competitiveness and attractiveness of the Ukrainian transport system in the international transport services market.

Instead, the contract provides for the customer's obligation to ensure the availability of funds to pay the corresponding amounts of carriage charges on personal accounts for reservation when accepting cars on the territory of Ukraine, following under his payer code. In this case, the amount of payment and the frequency of payment are determined by the customer independently, separately for each currency, based on the expected volume of traffic, other services, taking into account the reserved funds.

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that such a decision will help create conditions for providing access to the market of transit goods transportation.

Previously, the carrier was obliged to ensure the payment of the first installment as payment for future transportation in the amount of $ 300,000 or in hryvnia equivalent at the official NBU exchange rate to the accounts of the Ukrzaliznytsia branch Unified Settlement Center for Railway Transportation.

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