It is possible to infect with Covid-19 via domestic animals.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) established that it is possible to infect with coronavirus from pets as Ukraine’s Healthcare Ministry reported.

Mostly, the spreaders of the virus among the animals are bats. However, the virus overcame the species barrier from a human to an animal intermediate.

“Domestic, wild or domesticated wild animals, which are not identified yet, may become such animals intermediate,” the message said.

Thus, cats, dogs and other pets may become the spreaders of the virus.

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The ministry added that it is necessary to avoid the consumption of raw or half-cooked animal-derived products to avoid infection with the virus via meat or dairy products.

As we reported, the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded among Ukrainians in Italy.

According to the Migration Service of Japan, there are about 2,000 Ukrainian citizens in the country’s territory. There is no information about the infected among the people who are listed, except for the crew members of the Diamond Princess cruise liner.

Besides, molecular-genetic studies did not detect COVID-19 coronavirus infection among 89 Ukrainians who are under observation in Novi Sanzhary.

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