900 000 labor migrants from Ukraine work in Poland

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Today almost 900 000 Ukrainians work in Poland.

This was reported by RMF24 with reference to the Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Analysis of Poland's National Bank Jacek Kotlowski.

“Tensions in the labor market are significantly reduced due to the influx of immigrants ... Today, almost 900 thousand immigrants have arrived from Ukraine, plus there are workers from other countries, including Belarus. It seems to us that in the Polish economy there are already more than 1 million effectively employed immigrants ", he noted.

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Earlier it was reported that according to various sources, there are about 30 000 Ukrainians in Estonia.

Ukrainian workers there fall into two categories. The first group includes qualified specialists who are invited to Estonian companies - IT specialists, doctors, builders.

The second category includes unskilled workers who come mainly from Donbas for seasonal work.

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