Zhevaho’s company intends to invest in Espreso.TV channel and other broadcasters

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Atmosphere Entertainment, Inc. (New York, the United States), whose beneficiary is Ivan Zhevaho, the son of businessman and people’s deputy Kostiantyn Zhevaho, has announced the plan of further investments in the Espreso.TV Channel (which it bought from ex-premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the wife the Interior Minister, Inna Avakova, at the end of last year) and in other media producers and broadcasters of Ukraine.

“The aim of our investment in media assets is to expand their market power and value and generate profits. Atmosphere Entertainment puts high hopes on the domestic media market of Ukraine, which, as it is known, is developing rapidly after the monopoly of Russian producers of audio-visual and news content had been liquidated,” the investor said.

Commenting on recent mass media reports that the sale of the channel contains signs of money laundering and the calls to investigate it for corruption, Zhevaho’s company connects them with the intention to discredit new media assets, put pressure on their employees and strengthen the monopoly influence of the existing groups in the television market of Ukraine.

Atmosphere Entertainment emphasizes that the transactions were conducted on December 30, 2017 without using offshore jurisdictions and tax evasion schemes and passed the financial monitoring procedure.

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