COVID-2019: First coronavirus case observed in Poland.

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Another European country has reported about a case of coronavirus infection: an infected woman was taken to a hospital in Lodz, Poland, Express Ilustrowany reports.

It is reported that the 25-year-old spent a month in Thailand, where she was already ill. The Polish citizen complained of severe shortness of breath.

Upon arrival in the city of Lodz, the woman immediately went to the hospital, where the test gave a positive result for the coronavirus COVID-19.

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As we reported earlier, Estonia's Social Affairs Minister Tanel Kiik informed on the first case of coronavirus infection.

“Today in the morning, the information was received that the first infected was identified in Estonia as yesterday’s evening. The issue is about a permanent resident of Estonia who is not its citizen,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Germany's Minister of Health Jens Spahn warned that Germany ‘is at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic’ as DW informed.

“Unfortunately, during the last hours, the situation has changed. It is a shame, but we have to recognize it,” the minister said.

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Ukraine's Cabinet clarifies new quarantine restriction measures.

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