Canadian blueberries come under U.S. trade officials’ scrutiny

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B.C. blueberry farmers concerned over possible U.S. tariffs – Oct 7, 2020

WASHINGTON, Wash. — After waging war on Canadian dairy, steel and aluminum, Donald Trump’s White House is setting its sights on foreign berry farmers and vegetable growers.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is exploring whether domestic farmers are being hurt by imports of blueberries and raspberries from Canada and Mexico.

Lighthizer last week asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate whether domestic farmers are being hurt by increased blueberry imports.

The B.C. Blueberry Council says it has retained legal counsel as a result of the USITC investigation.

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Council executive director Anju Gill says she’s hopeful the close working relationship between the U.S. and Canadian industries will stave off any protectionist measures.

Senators from Maine have written Lighthizer to ask that certain wild blueberry products from Canada be exempted from any forthcoming tariffs.

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