Gay couple falsely accused of being paedophiles by vigilantes on Facebook Live stream to 30,000 people.

A GAY couple were falsely accused of being paedophiles by a vigilante group while their false arrest was live streamed on Facebook to 30,000 people.

Ben, 31, from Sussex, says the group calling themselves the Yorkshire Child Protectors (YCP) hurled homophobic abuse, and called him and his partner Jordan, 25, of being paedophiles.

 Ben, left, say he and Jordan have been left 'traumatised' by their ordeal

Ben, left, say he and Jordan have been left 'traumatised' by their ordealCredit: MEN Media

The two men, who are too frightened to reveal their full names, say they were pulled from their car after they had driven to Hull and called “p***s” and “gay nonces”.

Thousands of people watched a live stream of their arrest on Monday but now the men hope to undo the damage caused by telling their story.

The group has since issued an apology and blamed false information they received from other vigilantes, saying they had no reason to doubt the details they got.

Ben told the Mail Online: “That video was viewed by more than 30,000 people - 30,000 people aren’t going to see their apology.

“We are disgusted by the whole thing. Our lives have changed – we are scared.”

Ben says that when the group received false allegations that he and Jordan were offering to teach a minor how to masturbate, they intimidated Jordan’s sister where she worked in East Yorkshire.

He claims the group “threatened” and “manipulated” her, pressurising her to confirm that a grainy, low-quality image of the man they were looking for was her brother – even though it wasn’t.

We are disgusted by the whole thing. Our lives have changed – we are scared


The group then told her to tell her brother to drive up to see her.

When the pair arrived at her address the vigilantes were waiting and immediately separated them while they called the cops.

When the police arrived they confiscated the pair’s mobiles.

Which is when the group’s theory was proved to be wrong.

While the cops still had their phones, the group’s decoy was still receiving messages from the paedophile they had wanted to target.

The pair are now pursuing court action against the YCP, saying they have been left traumatised by events.

Ben said: “We understand why they do what they do but it’s not for them to do, it’s up to trained police officers. Jordan is so upset about the whole thing it really has affected him badly.”

A statement issued by the group said: “We at YCP take responsibility for our part played in these innocent men being arrested but we won't be taking all the blame.

The group also added that while they were “heartbroken” for the men they had “no reason not to believe” the false information they had received.

Humberside Police declined to comment on Monday's arrests when approached by The Sun Online but the force has previously warned against vigilante groups carrying out stings, saying they “can create more problems than they solve”.

It urged group to hand over any information they may have receive and not to post or stream videos online.

 The statement issued by the vigilante group

The statement issued by the vigilante groupCredit: Facebook

 The pair are currently pursuing court action against the vigilante group

The pair are currently pursuing court action against the vigilante groupCredit: MEN Media

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