Kyiv preparing to open subway

Kyiv is preparing for the opening of the subway, with special markings being applied at stations to remind passengers of the need to keep their distance, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has said.

"We desperately need to resume the operation of the subway because we will not avoid the transport problem in the city without it. Kyiv is preparing to open the subway. Special markings are now being applied at stations near ticket offices, turnstiles and platforms to remind passengers of the need to keep their distance and observe basic safety rules," Klitschko said at a briefing on Tuesday, May 19.

He said the city's public transport has switched to an electronic ticket system.

"After the resumption of the subway's work, passengers will be able to use only an electronic ticket," he said.

Klitschko asked the government on May 13 to allow the Kyiv metro to resume normal operation from May 25.


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