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How Laws Against Child Sexual Abuse Imagery Can Make It Harder to Detect.

Tech companies are deploying artificial intelligence to detect new photos and videos. But such efforts may run afoul of the law.

If I Touched the Moon, What Would It Feel Like?

If you like handling tiny glass shards, sure, go ahead and touch the lunar surface. But avoid the rocks.

How to Sell a House in Southern Calfornia: Make a Movie.

“You’re not just selling an address,’’ a video producer said, “you’re selling a lifestyle.” Attractive actors and expensive cars flesh out the fantasy.

Defense Dept. Official Testified Trump Questioned Ukraine Aid in June

Laura K. Cooper told impeachment investigators the White House began questioning the military aid after it came up at a meeting with President Trump.

To Exonerate Trump, Republicans Embrace Russian Disinformation.

In this week’s impeachment hearings, expect a lot of G.O.P. conspiracy theorizing.

Google to Store and Analyze Millions of Health Records.

The tech company’s deal with Ascension is part of a push to use artificial intelligence to aid health services.

‘This Will Be Forever’: How the Ambitions of Evo Morales Contributed to His Fall.

Bolivia prospered on the watch of its firebrand leftist president, but his refusal to step aside led to an ignominious downfall.

Pete Alonso Becomes the 6th Met to Be Named Rookie of the Year.

Alonso won the award for a season in which he hit 53 homers to break the rookie record and lead the majors.

Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman of Health Care Giant, Dies at 60

After rising up its ladder, he ran Kaiser Permanente, the admired California organization that integrates hospitals, clinics and health insurance.

What We Know About the Power Vacuum in Bolivia After Evo Morales’s Fall.

Mr. Morales was once a hugely popular leader, hailed by Bolivia’s Indigenous people and the global left. Now, he is in hiding and ousted from office, and it is unclear who will replace him.

Trump May Punt on Auto Tariffs as European Carmakers Propose Plan.

Carmakers have quietly promised big investments in their American factories in hopes of avoiding the tariffs as a Wednesday deadline for the president to make a decision approaches.

Spain’s Far Right Emerges as a Force by Tapping a New Nationalism.

Sunday’s election did little to help end the government deadlock. But it yielded one clear winner, the far-right Vox party, which has thrived amid a conflict over Catalonia.

E.P.A. to Limit Science Used to Write Public Health Rules

A new agency rule would restrict the science that can be used in drafting health regulations by requiring researchers to turn over confidential health data.

Maya Lin to Conjure Dying Trees to Make a Point

Her public art installation at Madison Square Park, opening in June, will focus on the so-called ghost forests that have died off because of climate change.

Facebook’s New Role as News Publisher Brings New Scrutiny.

A quarrel arises over a newsletter’s attempt to tie Campbell Brown, Facebook’s news head, to articles attacking Elizabeth Warren on a website she co-founded.

A.I. Systems Echo Biases They’re Fed, Putting Scientists on Guard

Researchers say computer systems are learning from lots and lots of digitized books and news articles that could bake old attitudes into new technology.

Business Leaders on Capitalism, Challenges and Their 8-Year-Old Selves.

At the annual DealBook conference in New York, leaders at the “Groundbreakers Lunch” discussed the appropriate role of business in shaping policy and driving social change.

What, if Anything, Should Be Done to Rein in Big Tech?.

Makan Delrahim, Kevin Systrom and Bill Gates weighed in on antitrust issues.

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Lends Hand to Boris Johnson.

Mr. Farage won’t run candidates in seats held by Mr. Johnson’s Tories. But his party may still hurt the Tories in other races.

Hillary Clinton Raps Boris Johnson Over His Suppression of a Russia Report.

The document on Moscow’s meddling in British politics prepared by Parliament last year is becoming a hot issue as bits and pieces begin to leak out.

You Can’t ‘Stick to Sports’

Deadspin knew that sports doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Bolton Rejects Legal Alliance With Mulvaney

A lawyer representing the president’s former national security adviser filed a motion opposing an effort by Mick Mulvaney to join a suit on impeachment testimony.

Quebec Reverses Decision on French Citizen’s Immigration Application.

Following an international outcry, a French woman has gotten closer to her goal of immigrating to Canada.

How Did I Get That Yoga Story? You Really Had to Be There.

As I participated in a workshop, the story came to life right in front of my eyes, right in front of the TV camera for “The Weekly.”

Divisive Comments by a Hockey Institution Prompt Calls for His Firing.

Many Canadians say that Don Cherry, who has offered his bombastic opinions on television for nearly 40 years, has finally gone too far.

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