Naftogaz comments on Merkel's statement about Nord Stream 2

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Naftogaz comments on Merkel's statement about Nord Stream 2

"Good news from Berlin. Angela Merkel for the first time publicly acknowledged the presence of a political component in the Nord Stream 2 project. The Chancellor pointed to the need for preservation of transit via the territory of Ukraine," the press service of Naftogaz posted on Facebook.

The company hopes that "Germany's new stance will help the ministers of other EU member states to make a decision on the proposed amendments to the gas directive, already adopted by the European Commission and the European Parliament."

"Even its traditional supporters stop calling the Nord Stream 2 a purely commercial matter. The true essence is unveiled: [the Nord Stream 2 is] the Kremlin's geopolitical weapon directed against Europe," Naftogaz underscores.

As reported, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during a joint briefing with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that Ukraine should not lose its transit status due to implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project and gas should be partially transported through its territory.

"We talked about it and, of course, we took the opinion of the President of Ukraine on this issue into account. We also discussed the Nord Stream 2 with the president of Russia and expressed concern of Ukraine. Of course, some of the gas should be still supplied via Ukrainian territory, that is, transit through the territory of Ukraine remains important," Merkel said.