Kim Jong-un CRIES as boasts North Korea has 'zero' coronavirus cases at military parade.

Kim Jong-un has unveiled a huge new nuclear missile at a military parade in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

The tyrant began shedding tears while making a rare speech as he took centre stage during the massive midnight parade, held to mark the 75th anniversary of the country’s ruling party.

The parade was highly choreographed, with thousands of goose-stepping troops marching in formation accompanied by tanks and other vehicles.

It culminated with Kim taking to the podium to address the nation as the clock struck midnight.

The widely anticipated first appearance of North Korea's new nuclear missile was the climax of the display.

The US Department of Defense later said it would be consulting with its Asian allies to analyse the parade.

Experts said the missile, which was shown on a transporter vehicle with 11 axles, would be one of the largest road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles(ICBMs)in the world if it becomes operational.

Also displayed were the Hwasong-15, which is the longest-range missile ever tested by North Korea, and what appeared to be a new submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM).

Kim said the missiles weren't targeted at any country in particular.

But he added: "If any force harms the safety of our nation, we will fully mobilize the strongest offensive might in a pre-emptive manner to punish them."

Chad O'Carroll, CEO of the Korea Risk Group, which monitors North Korea, said more new military hardware had been displayed at this event than at nearly any other previous parade.


Kim Jong-un unveils huge new nuke and CRIES as he boasts North Korea has ‘zero’ covid cases in swipe at Trump

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