PM struggles to clarify if Brits in North East can meet in a pub garden under new COVID-19 rules.

BORIS Johnson has caused more chaos and confusion over the coronavirus rules today after he failed to clarify whether people could meet in a pub garden in the North West.

The PM sparked more head-scratching with a convoluted response today on the new laws, which will come into place in parts of England tomorrow after soaring cases.

In a chaotic press conference at lunchtime, he was unable to clearly say whether people were still allowed to meet up with others outside from tomorrow when the locked down North East faces an even tougher crackdown.

Parts of the North East of England including Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland will be outlawed from popping around to visit a friend for a cup of tea, or seeing their parents for lunch out in any public setting.

As The Sun exclusively revealed, it means they will face £200 fines for breaking the rules, and possibly get a criminal record.

But today neither Boris nor Ms Keegan was able to say whether friends could meet up in a pub garden, or other outdoor settings such as a park.

He was asked at a press conference: "Can you tell us if people can still meet from different households in a pub garden outside?"

He replied saying it was "vital" to get the virus down and keep the economy afloat, but went on to mangle his words.

The PM said: “Now on the rule of six, outside the areas such as the North East where extra measures have been brought in, it is six outside, six inside.

"In the North East and other areas where extra, tighter measures have been brought in you should follow the guidance of local authorities.

“But it is six in a home or in hospitality but not six outside.

“That is the situation.”

However, this is not the case. The rule of six applies both indoors and outdoors.

And in the locked down area of the North East, people are banned from mixing in all settings.

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Boris Johnson muddles covid rules on mixing in North East & can’t say if pub garden meets are OK

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