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PM Boris Johnson answers questions from Keir Starmer in PMQs.

Boris Johnson leads PMQs at the Commons today.

Labour leader Keir Starmer is expected to ask how the coronavirus outbreak in Leicester was allowed to get out of control to the extent that a full city-wide lockdown was required.
And also probe whether a £5 billion splurge on infrastructure really amounts to a Rooseveltian “New Deal” for Britain.

Boris Johnson will likely go over Bank of England economist Andy Haldane's announcement that the recovery may be a “V” shape after all, before urging the (non-Leicester-based) drinkers of England to do their duty for queen and country this weekend and go for a pint in their local.

Dominic Raab will be in the Commons at lunchtime to deliver a formal UK response after China’s sweeping Hong Kong security laws came into force last night.

The foreign secretary will make a statement to MPs after PMQs setting out the government’s “grave concern” at Beijing’s latest crackdown on democratic rights in Hong Kong.

FCO staff have been working through the night to assess the full implications of the laws published yesterday evening, and Raab is under pressure to set out a suitably forthright response.

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