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Cops laugh and brag about shooting Black Lives Matter protesters with rubber bullets.

Bodycam footage shows cops laughing and bragging about shooting Black Lives Matter protesters with rubber bullets.

The May 31 footage was shared Wednesday by Fort Lauderdale police on their official YouTube channel in response to media backlash regarding the incident.

Detective Zachary Baro, the officer in charge of the department's SWAT team unit during the protest, was the cop whose body cam showed the footage.

The newly released footage, showed Baro using profanity language and saying: "Beat it, little f***er."

Officers were seen firing the rubber bullets after a protester appeared to throw a tear gas canister at police.

According to the Miami Herald, officer Jamie Chatman and Baro conversed and laughed about the protesters they had shot rubber bullets at.

One officer is heard saying: "Did you see me f**k up those motherf****rs?”

Another officer then said: “I got the one f***er."

Baro is heard in the footage mistakenly saying his cam was on "standy-by" mode.

He later wrote in his incident report: “In an effort to stop officers and innocent people from being hurt, I targeted these violent subjects with my 40mm less lethal launcher.

“I deployed less lethal rounds targeting lower abdomen and the large muscle groups of the legs in an effort to deter their violent actions.”

At one point in the video, Baro is also heard saying: "F**k, I'm getting rocked and bottled, bro."

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Shocking bodycam footage shows cops laughing & BRAGGING about shooting Black Lives Matter protesters with rubber bullets

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