New Chinese weapon launches swarm of suicide drones annihilating targets.

CHINA has unveiled a terrifying new war machine that can unleash swarms of “suicide” drones at troops and tanks.

A new video shows dozens of the deadly devices being launched from a weapons system mounted to the back of a truck and also being dropped from helicopters.

It emerged as Beijing has ramped up military drills in the South China Sea - using drones in military exercises over the Taiwan Strait.

And just two weeks after China unveiled a new drone capable of carrying grenade launchers and a guided missile system.

The China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology's video shows 48 attack weapons being fired from the back of the truck.

They are launched with compressed air before using an electric propeller to fly towards and then overwhelm their targets.

Each carries highly-explosive charges designed to rip through tanks and annihilate armoured vehicles.

Paul Scharre, former senior Pentagon official and expert on drone warfare, said the clip shows how well China’s drone programme is progressing.

He told the Times: “We can’t see from the Chinese video whether the drones are communicating and co-ordinating with each other.

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China unveils terrifying new weapon that launches swarm of suicide drones to annihilate targets

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