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Joe Biden called 'fat, liar' and slammed for having a ‘wet noodle for a backbone’ by Marine Veteran.

JOE Biden has been slammed for having a "wet noodle for a backbone" by a Marine Veteran who he branded a "damn liar" and "fat".
Merle Gorman, 83, said he had no regrets about the heated exchange with the former vice president, 77, that took place during a routine campaign stop in New Hampshire.
Referring to Biden’s son Hunter’s job at a Ukrainian gas company, the veteran said: “I’m positive 90 per cent of the people there didn’t know about his son working on the board in Ukraine. I wanted it brought out there.
“If it educated them a little bit, so be it. I’m glad it happened.”
During a routine campaign stop in New Hampton, the 83-year-old set the former vice president off when he accused him of sending Hunter to work for Burisma Holdings.
Biden raged: “You’re a damn liar, man. That’s not true. And no one has ever said that."
Gorman responded: “The exchange speaks for itself. He didn’t have the guts to explain the situation, and that’s what I wanted."
Recalling the ordeal, he said: “He got pissed off and stomped around … he wasn’t happy at all. He started mumbling, saying it wasn’t true.
“After today, he told me what he’s made out of - he’s got a wet noodle for a backbone.”

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Joe Biden slammed for having a ‘wet noodle for a backbone’ by Marine Veteran he branded a ‘damn liar’ and ‘fat’:

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