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Courage in Journalism: Taking on the Trolls

Finnish reporter Jessikka Aro, who in September 2019 published Putinin Trollit, a book about Russian troll factories, has continued to report despite becoming a victim of the very issue she was investigating: online harassment and troll farms.

The journalist received threats, mostly anonymous, on social media, and attackers shared her personal information online. In October 2018, a Finnish court sentenced one perpetrator to 22 months in prison for defamation and negligence; two others received suspended sentences, according to news reports.

Aro told VOA she still receives threats. But as a journalist, she sees her role as keeping her audience informed. “If I would have stopped reporting about, for example the topic of Russian trolls or propaganda in general, then I would have let my audience down,” she said.
LINK: https://www.voanews.com/press-freedom/amid-troll-farms-and-crackdowns-journalists-honored-courage

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