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Syrians Flee Aleppo as Regime Pushes Offensive

Syrians flee Atareb and the village of Jeineh as the regime pushes its offensive in the countryside, west of the northern city of Aleppo, Wednesday, February 12.
READ MORE: Military activity and the humanitarian crisis both intensified Tuesday in the city of Idlib as Turkey and its allies clashed with Syrian forces, whose northward drive has rendered over a half-million Syrian civilians homeless since December.

Syrian government warplanes struck Idlib's center Tuesday morning just hours after Turkish forces downed one of Syria's Russian-made utility helicopters.

"I could not reach the helicopter crash location because the whole area is being bombed," said Abd Albaset, a 32-year-old refugee from Ma'arat al-Nu' man, who now works as a freelance war photographer in the embattled Syrian province. "The attacks on Idlib itself make it clear that nowhere in this area is safe."


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