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Areas Disinfected After Cases Reported in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Officials sprayed disinfectant in a suburb of Pakistan's capital Islamabad Sunday where some cases of the coronavirus have been identified.
READ MORE: All points of entry to the city have been cordoned off by police, and the military has been deployed to enforce checkpoints.

Federal health authorities in Pakistan have reported that the number of people testing positive for the virus is increasing. Pakistan now has 1,571 confirmed infections with at least 14 deaths.

Pakistan has converted hundreds of hotels into temporary quarantine centers, one of several urgent steps to ensure its traditionally ill-prepared public health care system can deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The rapid response, critics say, is unusual in the wake of limited resources facing the cash-strapped country.

Islamabad’s close ally, Beijing, has also stepped in to deliver critical medical staff and supplies to help in limiting the effects of the pandemic.  (VOA/AP)
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