Fact Check: Repeated Aggression in South China Sea Belies China’s Denials of 'Maritime Empire'.

The South China Sea borders China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brunei and Cambodia – all of which claim parts of the area.

The sea, which accounts for about 40% of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade, is also home to a rich array of marine life and geography. An estimated $3.4 trillion worth of trade is conducted through the sea, adding to its geopolitical importance.

Beijing claims ownership of more than 90% of the South China Sea. It has often referred to a “nine-dash line” area that it says was drawn back in 1947.

While the world was distracted by the coronavirus, China held a five-day military drill in disputed areas of the South China Sea, exchanging fire with Philippine, Vietnamese and Malaysian forces.

On July 14, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a statement: “China has never sought to establish a maritime empire in the South China Sea, and has always treated the littoral countries as equals.”

That statement is false.

READ MORE: https://www.polygraph.info/a/repeated-aggression-in-south-china-sea-belies-china-s-denials-of-maritime-empire-/30731795.html

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