Trump cancels Republican convention in Florida citing coronavirus - DW News.

00:00 US President Donald Trump has canceled plans for a large scale Republican National Convention in Florida next month because of the coronavirus pandemic. The four-night celebration was expected to draw some ten thousand people, to mark Trump's formal nomination as the party's candidate for the November election. The decision to call off the event comes as the US surpasses four million coronavirus cases.
05:09 The standoff between protesters and federal police shows no sign of abating in the US city of Portland. Protesters supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have objected to the presence of federal officers, sent by US President Donald Trump. Police have regularly fired tear gas at protesters, who have been described as "agitators and anarchists" by Trump. But Portland's mayor says the officers are making the protests worse. Trump has said he will send federal police to other US cities in an effort to crack down on crime. DW correspondent Ines Pohl sent is on the ground in Chicago.


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