Biden Lands in Cleveland for High-Stakes Debate With Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden arrives in Cleveland, Ohio, before the highly anticipated debate with President Donald Trump.
READ MORE: Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, are set to debate Tuesday night, five weeks before the Nov. 3 election, in the first of three planned face-to-face encounters over the next month.

The high-stakes event in the midwestern city of Cleveland, Ohio, comes as Biden has maintained about a 7-percentage-point advantage over Trump for weeks in national polls, threatening to make Trump the third U.S. president in the past four decades to lose reelection for a second four-year term in the White House.

However, the race is closer in several key battleground states, which raises the possibility that Trump could once again lose the popular vote — as he did against Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 — and still win more of the all-important state electors to claim victory.

An estimated 100 million Americans are expected to watch the two presidential contenders square off for 90 minutes in the widely televised and livestreamed event. Fox News journalist Chris Wallace will moderate the debate as about 100 people watch in person. Until now, the candidates have not appeared together.

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