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Czech Pilots Volunteer Planes for Medical Deliveries.


More than 300 pilots in the Czech Republic have volunteered their private planes to distribute medical equipment around the county amid the coronavirus pandemic, Sunday, April 5.
READ MORE: The world crossed the 1 million mark of confirmed COVID-19 cases this past week. With untold millions more possible in the months to come, scientists are committed to making a vaccine.

There's a lot about COVID-19 that scientists don't know. They don't know entirely how it is spread. And without proven treatments or vaccines, good hygiene and staying away from other people are the only known methods of prevention.

Dr. Peter Hotez at Baylor College of Medicine started working on a coronavirus vaccine in 2003, during the outbreak of SARS, but after that, research funds dried up.

Hotez expects more coronaviruses to develop and spread. Some may be more benign than COVID-19, others may be far deadlier.
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