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French Researchers Developing Non-Force Fed Foie Gras.

French scientists are developing a ‘naturally fatty’ version of the delicacy “foie gras,” or fatty liver, that does not employ inhumane force-feeding.

Geese grower Valerie Fosserie is the first farmer to produce this new type of foie gras by giving a single dose of serum containing natural bacteria to newborn geese.

The force-feeding of gees and duck to fatten up the liver has let to the banishment of foie gras in countries like Britain, Finland and Poland, as well as the U.S. states of California and New York.

French researchers have developed a process that stimulates the build-up of fat in geese to produce naturally fatty liver without the use of feeding tubes.

The research company Aviwell grew 600 geese when it launched its project last year. The company is preparing to put its foie gras on the market before the end of the year. (REUTERS)

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