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Trump Projects Much Lower US Coronavirus Death Toll.


President Donald Trump, in a coronavirus task force briefing, claimed the death toll in the United States could be lower than estimated, because of preventative measures being taken.

"In the midst of grief and pain, we're seeing clear signs that our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives," Trump said.
READ MORE: America’s COVID-19 death toll will be substantially lower than the 100,000 to 240,000 people previously projected, President Donald Trump predicted Friday.

“I think we’ll be substantially under that number,” Trump told reporters at a White House briefing, suggesting it would more likely hover around 60,000 deaths. “We’ll see what it ends up being.”

The president also stated that universal testing for COVID-19 did not need to be in place before reopening the country, suggesting that screening for the virus was not necessary in large parts of the country where fewer cases have been reported.

At the end of March, the president announced a 30-day extension, until April 30, of guidelines to slow the spread of the highly infectious disease.
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