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Repair Work Underway in Post-Storm Philippines

Clean-up and recovery efforts are underway in the aftermath of Typhoon Kammuri, which has damaged buildings and disrupted traffic in the Philippines since Monday night, December 2.

👉 Typhoon Kammuri swept over the Philippines, killing at least 10 people in a path of destruction that reached the capital Manila. But the country averted a larger-scale disaster, the likes of which often bedevil the impoverished country, due to stronger preparations including mass mobile phone alerts.
The typhoon known internationally as Kammuri and called Tisoy in the Philippines reached the Bicol Peninsula southeast of Manila late Monday with wind speeds of up to 208 kilometers per hour, according to the British forecasting service Tropical Storm Risk.
Philippine officials had warned citizens via mobile phone messaging and traditional broadcast media about the storm’s potential damage, people on the ground say. Local government offices urged evacuations and more than 200,000 complied, media reports from Manila said. Those offices also readied emergency meals for displaced families.(VOA)

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