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Iraqi Protesters Throw Petrol Bombs at Security Forces.

▶️ Iraqi state TV showed protesters throwing petrol bombs at Iraqi security forces from a roof of a building and setting a building on fire in central Baghdad, Saturday, November 9.

👉 Iraqi security forces killed at least five people Saturday as they pushed protesters back toward their main camp in central Baghdad using live ammunition, tear gas and sound bombs, police and medics said.

Mass protests began at Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Oct. 1 as demonstrators demanded jobs and services, and rallies have swelled in the capital and southern cities with calls for an overhaul of the sectarian political system.

It is the biggest and most complex challenge in years to the political order set up after a U.S.-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003.

But the government has been unable to find an answer to the current round of unrest, which pits the entire political class against mostly unemployed youths who have seen no improvement in their lives, even in peacetime.

Despite government pledges of reform, security forces have used lethal force since the start and killed more than 280 people across the country.


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