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The Sun joins Boris Johnson’s gruelling 16-hour day on the general election 19 campaign trail.

BORIS Johnson’s punishing 16-hour days are fuelled by porridge, flapjacks and endless cups of coffee.
He has also given up booze and confesses he reads ancient Greek poetry before bed.
The Sun spent a full day on the campaign trail with the PM, as he criss-crossed the country in a bid to whip up votes.
For our Day in the Life video diary, Mr Johnson confided about everything from organising a Nato summit to the personal abuse he gets from actor Hugh Grant.
On December 12, Mr Johnson will either get majority he craves to deliver Brexit, or be the second shortest-serving PM in history. With so much at stake, he packs in as much as he can to his breakneck daily campaigning schedule.
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The Sun joins Boris Johnson’s gruelling 16-hour day on the campaign trail

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