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Karlan fires back at Doug Collins: I read every transcript.

Pamela Karlan of Stanford Law School testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee during its first day of hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. During her opening statement, Karlan deviated from her prepared remarks in order to respond to an insuation from Congressman Doug Collins that the witnesses do not care about the facts. "Mr. Collins, I would like to say to you, sir, that I read transcripts of every one of the witnesses who appeared in the live hearing because I would not speak about these things without reviewing the facts, so I'm insulted at the suggestion that as a law professor I would not care about those facts," Karlan said. "Everything I read on those occasions tells me that when President Trump invited -- indeed, demanded -- foreign involvement in our upcoming election, he struck at the very heart of what makes this country the republic to which we pledge allegiance. That demand constituted an abuse of power."

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