How Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti Meet Cute in ‘Palm Springs’ - Anatomy of a Scene.

So many wedding receptions (and their depictions in movies) have a predictable list of ingredients: speeches, dancing, awkwardness, drunkenness. The one in the Hulu comedy “Palm Springs” includes those things, but with some clever, off-kilter tweaks.

Cristin Milioti plays Sarah, the sister of the bride. And Andy Samberg plays Nyles, a plus-one wedding guest who’s taking a notably different approach to the situation. He gives a surprising (and surprisingly poignant) wedding speech. At key moments, he appears to be directly addressing Sarah, who doesn’t know him. Then he has moves on the dance floor that seem like he himself has choreographed all those around him.

This series of oddities has Sarah, and the audience, wondering exactly what is going on, and shifts this comedy into a different gear. But couched inside the scene is a meet-cute that is as charming as it is weird.

In this video, the director Max Barbakow talks about the ways he leans into the strangeness while also playing the familiar for laughs. Plus, he breaks down that hilarious, and meticulously coordinated wedding dance that just may make you do a double take.

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