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Family panic as they find three bears trashing their kitchen and eating out of the bin.

THREE little black bears entered an Alaska home last week and wreaked havoc in the kitchen before leaving the household otherwise untouched.

A mother and her children returned to their Anchorage home on July 23 only to find three bear cubs roaming in their kitchen and making snacks of anything edible in their pathway.

Shocking video captured by the mom shows the three cubs in the kitchen: one hovering on a kitchen counter over the sink and eating out of some tin, while two are on the floor near the back entrance.

The family says they left the backdoor open, allowing the cubs to roam inside. Frightened by the humans and confused at the sight of the glass door, the cubs scamper, attempting to exit through the glass door patio from how they entered.

With the bear on the kitchen counter top banging along utensils as it tries futilely to exit through the closed window, the two bears near the glass door manage to slide it open and scamper out. The bear over the kitchen sink follows them shortly thereafter.

The video becomes all the more stunning once the house owner walks outside-- and sees a mother bear waiting for her three cubs to exit the house.

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Family finds THREE BEARS checking out their kitchen and eating from the trash

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