Biden calls Trump 'reckless' after rally left hundreds stranded in sub-zero cold.

Joe Biden slams Trump's Omaha rally that left hundreds stuck in freezing cold: 'The longer he’s in charge the more reckless he gets'

Biden has said that Donald Trump’s failure to plan responsibly left hundreds of his supporters stranded in freezing temperatures after a rally in Nebraska some people ended up in hospital.

Speaking after health experts gave a briefing on Covid-19, Mr Biden said the event provided a snapshot of the president’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just look at what happened last night in Omaha after the Trump rally ended. Hundreds of people including old Americans and children were stranded in sub-zero, freezing temperatures for hours,” the Democratic candidate said.

“Several folks ended up in the hospital. It’s an image that captured President Trump’s whole approach to this crisis … He makes a lot of big pronouncements, but they don’t hold up. He gets his photo op and then he gets out. He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequences of his failure to make a responsible plan.”

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