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Climate Activist Glues Himself to Bus in Britain

A climate activist in Britain glued himself to the windscreen of the Liberal Democrats’ campaign bus, Wednesday, December 4, calling for the party to do more to fight the climate crisis.
READ MORE: Carbon dioxide emissions rose in 2019 for the third consecutive year, according to the latest Global Carbon Project estimate. Carbon dioxide emissions are not projected to fall before the end of the next decade.

This is more bad news for United Nations negotiators in Madrid to consider as they aim to hammer out rules for implementing the 2015 Paris international agreement on limiting climate change.

This year's 0.6% growth in CO2 emissions is slower than the previous two years. Steep declines in coal use in the United States and Europe, combined with weaker global economic growth, were behind the slowdown, according to the report.

But slowing growth is not enough. A recent U.N. report said emissions must decline by at least 2.7% per year to keep the planet from overheating.
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