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Thai Researchers Develop Prosthetic Flipper for Sea Turtle.

Goody the sea turtle can swim again thanks to a specially-designed prosthetic flipper, the first ever made in Thailand.

The turtle lost her flipper years ago after she was entangled in a fishing net, leaving her mostly immobile.

Thankfully, over the past year, Thai environmental authorities and researchers at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok have been working to develop prostheses for injured sea turtles.

Prior to getting her new flipper, Goody lived in confinement with 10 other turtles. Goody is the first to receive her prosthesis. Each one needs to be designed and tested to fit each individual turtle.

Sea turtles like Goody often are victims of human activities, getting injured or killed most often via discarded plastic or fishing gear.

While the prostheses will not make the turtles fit to return to the sea, they are aimed at improving their quality of life as they continue to live in captivity. (REUTERS)

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