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California Food Bank Hands Out Groceries in Los Angeles.

▶️Lines of cars snaked around The Forum arena in Los Angeles, California, Friday, April 10, to pick up groceries being handed out by a food bank.

The food was being provided by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and volunteers expected as many as 5,000 families to show up.

Drivers stayed in their vehicles as volunteers placed the groceries in the trunk or back seat.

Demand for services, such as food pantries, have increased sharply due to layoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

👉U.S. President Donald Trump says deciding when to reopen the country is “the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

He said Friday he will weigh the pros and cons of the decision with his health and economic advisers.

It is not immediately clear, though, whether all states will follow what President Trump says. He did not officially close down the country, leaving each state governor, instead, to make the decision about his or her state.

Trump has said he would like the country opened up again on May 1.


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