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18,000-Year-Old Puppy Found Preserved in Russia

▶️ Scientists unveiled Monday, December 2, an 18,000-year-old puppy found preserved in permafrost in eastern Russia.
👉 The puppy, found by a local in the eastern Siberian region of Yakutia in summer 2018, is believed to be the oldest canine discovered in the area.
The animal was remarkably well-preserved, with fur, teeth and whiskers. Radiocarbon dating by Swedish scientists confirmed the puppy had been frozen for about 18,000 years.
Scientists are about to do a third round of genome sequencing, which they hope might solve the mystery of whether the puppy is a wolf or dog, or some prehistoric ancestor.
In recent years, Russia's Far East has become a gold mine for scientists studying the remains of ancient animals.
As the permafrost melts, affected by climate change, an increasing number body parts of woolly mammoths, canines and other prehistoric animals are being discovered. (AP)

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