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Fact Check: A Russia Boosted Viral Video Falsely Claims Italy Wants Bill Gates Arrested.

Polygraph.info fact checks a YouTube video claiming the Italian government is calling for the arrest of Bill Gates.
READ MORE: On May 14, the YouTube channel “prisoners0fprogress” posted a video captioned “Italian Government call for arrest of Bill Gates." The video is in Italian with English subtitles. The video gained nearly a million views and close to 2,000 comments over a weekend and has been shared on other social networks.

The arrest claim is false.

The Italian government has taken no such action against Gates. The video shows a fragment of a session in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies (parliament). According to the web source FromRome.info, which claims ownership of the YouTube channel and the video, the female speaker in it is Sarah Cunial, a conservative representative for Rome and a known anti-vaccination activist.

The Russian state-owned news outlet RT (Russia Today) used the YouTube video in its news report headlined: “Italian lawmaker demands Bill Gates be ARRESTED for ‘crimes against humanity’... But WHY?”
LINK: https://www.polygraph.info/a/fact-check-covid-russia-bill-gates/30621409.html

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