Coronavirus second wave hits Europe: What's different this time around? - COVID-19 Special.

The second wave is here: Europe sees a surge in coronavirus infections in many countries and cities. Spain's capital Madrid is Europe's new coronavirus hotspot. But medical staff say they're ready. And there's good news: the speed of new infections in Spain is waning. But that could change. Whatever the case, Madrid is back under lockdown. A great deal of Europe is re-introducing restrictions, as infections spike. Berlin is imposing a curfew from Saturday. Parts of the city are now hot-spots. In Germany, daily coronavirus cases have hit a new high since April. Rising hospital rates have health officials worried in the UK. The government's reviewing measures. In Iceland, pubs, clubs, arcade halls and gyms are closed. There are fears the latest wave of infections could be much higher than the first. And Paris has shut its bars.

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