Hurricane Delta Hits Southern US, Destroys Homes

Hurricane Delta slams US, destroying buildings through Louisiana, leaving homes destroyed Sunday.

First, Hurricane Laura roared ashore with its staggering, 150 mph(241 kph)winds. Then Hurricane Delta followed, with less wind but ferocious downpours. The two back-to-back hurricanes in the space of six weeks have left this pocket of southwest Louisiana blanketed with tarpaulins, debris and flooded streets.

Delta made landfall Friday evening near the coastal town of Creole with top winds of 100 mph(155 kph). It moved over Lake Charles, a city where Hurricane Laura damaged nearly every home and building in late August.

Before Friday’s storm, the streets were already lined with mountains of debris from the prior storm — piles of soggy insulation, moldy mattresses, tree limbs, twisted metal siding, ruined family treasures.

Delta, the 25th named storm of an unprecedented Atlantic hurricane season, was the 10th to hit the mainland United States this year, breaking a record set in 1916, Colorado State University researcher Phil Klotzbach said.

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