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‘Wall-E’-Like Moving Chair Unveiled by Segway at CES.

The Segway-Ninebot Group unveiled a self-balancing concept creation it believes could be the basis for the future of smart-city mobility, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8.

The Segway S-Pod uses a joystick and built-in smart screen pad to steer, spin, accelerate and slow down.

The company envisions the S-Pod initially being used at airports, theme parks and shopping malls, and foresees S-Pod use on the roads of future smart cities.

Like other Segways, the S-Pod has self-balancing technology and a center-of-gravity control system.

The S-Pod is inspired by the gyrosphere vehicle in the 2015 movie “Jurassic World,” but it also has drawn comparisons to the hoverchair in the 2008 film “Wall-E.”

The vehicles weighs 725 pounds and travels up to 39 kilometers per hour. (REUTERS)

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