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Chinese Steamed Bun Shop Revives Business With Delivery Board.

A Chinese steamed bun shop in Beijing is using a piece of wooden board to deliver its buns to customers amid the coronavirus outbreak, Wednesday, February 12.
READ MORE: In Southeast Asia, a region known for low-cost factory work and strong consumer spending, countries from Myanmar to the Philippines had forecast 2020 economic growth at more than 6%. Now, just six weeks into the year, no one’s so sure.

The deadly coronavirus outbreak in China has dried up tourism in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as those countries restrict entries to control the spread of the virus. Airlines followed with 25,000 flight cancellations worldwide. Export manufacturers in Southeast Asia’s factory hub Vietnam cannot always get raw materials from China this month because the outbreak caused work stoppages.

And masses of virus-fearing people around the 630 million-person subcontinent are staying indoors instead of going out to shop.


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