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Americans Leave Quarantined Cruise Ship in Japan for the US.

American passengers evacuated from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship board a U.S. charter flight, early Monday, February 17.
READ MORE: They will have to spend another two-week quarantine period at a U.S. military facility to make sure they don't have the virus that's been sweeping across Asia.
About 380 Americans were on the cruise ship.

The Japanese Defense Ministry said around 300 of them were preparing Sunday night to leave on buses bound for Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Seventy more people were diagnosed with the virus on board the Diamond Princess Sunday, bringing the number of cases from the ship to 355, the most anywhere outside China. The voyage with more than 3,000 passengers aboard was struck by the virus earlier this month, leaving them and the crew in confinement.

Chinese health officials said Sunday that the number of new cases of the coronavirus has slowed for the third consecutive day.
The health commission confirmed 1,843 new cases, representing a drop from higher numbers of new cases in recent days. Over the previous two days, China had reported more than 7,500 new infections. (VOA/AP/Reuters)
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